Buy Credits

If you would like to use all the features of StringEncrypt you have to buy an activation code.

Each activation code has assigned number of credits, you can use full version of StringEncrypt as many times as you have credits. You can buy activation code via PayPal.

Full version benefits:

  • Unlockedaccess to the unique service with it's own online interface, API & Windows client
  • Unlockedfile encryption is now unlocked
  • Textareastring length limitations removed (max. string length is now 4096 bytes)
  • Listyou can increase number of encryption commands up to 50 so you can create huge decryptors
  • Prohibitionno ads on the main page (I hate them so much)
  • Cookieit's cheap, you probably spend more money on candies :)
  • Usersyou can share your activation code with whoever you want (I don't care)

Buy now! After payment you will receive your activation code at your email address.


How to get a free code

You can get a free activation code (500 credits) if you can advertise StringEncrypt service at programming forums, blogs, articles or any other website related to programming and development.

Send me all the details at my contact address and if it's legit - bam!, you got yourself a free code :)